Gabby McCullough

Gabby McCullough was born of scrawled ink blotched onto a paper, pieced together by inane scribblings and word doodles. Enchanted with the idea of entrapping emotions into meaningful squiggles, she employs written word as a refuge, penning pain neatly into discrete units which, once united, ultimately explicate. Clemens is fascinated by the role of the writer, unable to decide whether phrases are created and conjured by a writer, or whether a scribe is merely a conduit of predestined vocals waiting in the shadows to be birthed in scripted speech, never abandoning the possibility that the truth lies in a tumultuous marriage between the two. Her favorite pairing of words is the bittersweet utterance “asinine invocation,” which she believes encapsulates the miserable hope which propagates the human condition.

Sounds of Silence

Moonlight Visitations

The Knife

Gut Feeling

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